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Customer Testimonials




Greg D. - Feb 22, 2015

"Hello Susan,
I would like to state that this has been one of my best experiences with ordering from a company.
You have one of the best customer service that I have ever seen.
I was not expecting a phone call when my order did not go through.
It was a pleasant surprise.
Again, the prompt service received when I requested an update on my order....  by another phone call.
In a world where it is almost impossible to speak to a real person without jumping through hoops when calling a company, it was very refreshing receiving a phone call from a competent person trying to help me with my order.
I will definitely be using your service again in the future.
From a very satisfied customer.


Greg D.
Dieppe, New Brunswick

Jack K. - October 26, 2015

"This past Friday afternoon I placed an order and have to write to say how pleased I was with the customer service I received from the woman who answers the phone. She helped with the size I needed plus reassured me I would have it by Halloween this weekend. I was skeptical but she assured me I would have it and I received it today! (the following Monday) Again, the woman who answered the phone was so very helpful and personable. Thanks for the great customer service!!


Jack K.
Saint Louis, MO

Katie B. - October 23 & 28, 2015

"To Whom It May Concern:

First, I want to thank you for your time and attention to me as a customer! Although it should not be, the courteousness and assistance provided to me when I called both times is a rare and wonderful thing in today's society. Please keep up the wonderful job!

So few companies provide true customer service. When I find a company that does, I like to provide that feedback.

Best regards,"

Katie B.
Royal Palm Beach, FL

Federico R. - Apr. 21, 2015

"Hi Susan!

Just to say thank you again. It was a pleasure meeting you and doing business on your web site.
The two karate gis that I bought were awesome, good quality and as described on the page.

Also it was a pleasure to find so kind, professional and well disposed a person in this world like you.....

Best regards!

Federico R.
Uruguay, South America

Kim B. - July 1, 2014

"Hi Susan,

I just wanted to thank you again for your professionalism and 5 star customer service. It is a rarity these days and so much appreciated. We were able to get them (team uniforms) to the embroiderers in time and received them in time enough for our tournament. There was so much excitement in the air and we looked like a team. God Bless! OSS ! I have some photos ;-)"

Kim B.
Owasso, OK.

Ed B. - Mar 28, 2014

In regards to the kung fu uniform he purchased:

"Very nice! I am very pleased with the quality of this uniform. Thank you! I can’t wait till I need a new Karate Gi!
Thank You,
A satisfied customer."

Ed B.
Paradise, CA.

Aishah E. - Dec 9, 2013

"Hi! I got the correct uniform today! Thank you guys so much for your quick replies and awesome customer service!! You have definitely gained a lifetime customer here. :)"

Aishah E.
Houston, TX.

Joey G. - Nov 6, 2013

"Wow! Couldn't be more amazed with your product and the amazing deals you have! I received my pants today and I'm in awe with the customer service I received, the quality of my product and how fast I got my pants! Totally recommending you to my other martial arts team mates! Keep up all the good work! Can't wait to purchase my black belt from this company!

A Now loyal customer 
Joey G"
Burlingame, CA.

Terry M. - Nov 1, 2013


I know its early but I wanted to thank you for correcting my order so fast! I love you guys products, and your customer service is top notch! This is why I continue to shop with you all and refer all of my other martial artists buddies to you!
Love you guys, be safe, and you got a customer for the life of my martial arts journey! Moo Duk Kwan!

Terry M."
Charlotte, NC.

John S. - Oct 9, 2013

"Thank you so much for your email....you really do go the extra mile for your customers, and I am thankful that you are keeping me up to date on the refund information :)  I appreciate that you are still keeping me in mind, and I have recommended you and your company to several of my martial arts friends.....I'm confident that the next time they purchase a gi or other equipment they will look to you first, as I am always impressed by your customer service and have been telling everyone to take a look at your website.  I'm certain they will be just as refreshed by your manner of service as I am.  Thanks again for the update...  As always, thank you for your kindness...

With great appreciation,

Sunland, CA.

Alan W. - June 21, 2013

"The patches arrived today and I want to thank you for arranging that. You seem highly dedicated to your customers and I will always keep that in mind for future purchases and for referrals. Your integrity in terms of the shipping charges is also worth an extra note of gratitude.

Best of luck, continued success, and thank you again.
Boston, MA.

Rosario Sensei - April 21, 2013

" Thank you very much, it’s refreshing to know some companies still value their integrity. I shall continue being a customer and will encourage others to shop at UniformsforMartialArts.com.

Rosario Sensei"
Easton, PA

David D. - November 9, 2012

" I actually got tied up at work still and I received your voice mail; first off I would like to say amazing customer service by leaving a voice mail and response via e-mail Susan!  I look forward to receiving my gi that was ordered and look forward to doing business with you guys in the future as well.  Have a great weekend and thank you again for amazing follow up service ma’am.

Thank you,

David D."
Visalia, CA

Ken R. - Februay 21, 2012

" Dear Susan,

Thank you for the refund. You have earned my business, I will look to your company first for all my martial arts needs."

Ken R.
Anchorage, AK.

Guy K. - January 31, 2012


Got the uniforms in and I like them. Thanks for the advice and the good service I got."
Guy K.
Richmond, MO.

Dominicque S. - January 6, 2012

"Just wanted to say thank you for your quick service. I was so excited today when checked tracking to see it had a tracking number and was ready to head out. I had the misfortune of placing an order for same pants from someone else and I am still waiting for them over 3 weeks later with unanswered calls and emails. I so wish I had came across your website first when I was looking for plus size karate pants. Definitely much more professional and earn an A+ in my book and if I ever need to order something again, you will be who I come to first. Makes me very happy that I can start wearing my uniform to class very soon, pants are only thing I needed to complete that.

A very happy customer
Dominicque S."
Port Richey, FL

Tova H.'s Testimonial - January 5, 2012

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all of your help.  I really appreciate the fabulous customer service!"

Tova H.
West Jordan, UT

January 12, 2012

"We recieved our package yesterday and the jackets fit perfectly and look great!"

Tova H.
West Jordan, UT

Aaron H.'s Testimonial - December 14, 2011

"Thank you for the replacement and prompt reply. I'm very impressed with your site thus far and look forward to ordering more in the future."

Aaron H.
Springfield, MO

Patrick S.'s Testimonial - October 27, 2011

"The order arrived very promptly and in perfect condition. Customer service was incredibly swift, polite, and friendly."

Patrick S.
Pascagoula, Mississippi

Steven P.'s Testimonial - June 30, 2011


Thank you for tending to this matter for me. I appreciate the quick action and attention to customer service.  I will be sure to order with you in the future and recommend your company to all of my friends and colleagues.
Thanks again,

Steven P."
Winchester Canal, OH

Jason H.'s Testimonial - July 28 & 30, 2011

"Hi Susan:

Thank you for the follow up and great customer service. That is very important to me.....

Jason H."

"Good Morning Sue:

I got the gi top yesterday.  Perfect fit and great feel.  Thank you for all of your help.


Jason H."
Largo, MD

Tony I.'s Testimonial - June 27, 2011


Thank you for the reply....................  Thanks again for your quick response and great customer service. I will recommend your company to my other students.

Best regards,

Tony I."
Carlsbad, CA

Michael N.'s Testimonial - June 21, 2011

"Thank you very much. I'll be shopping at your website again. Great customer service."

Michael N.
Warminster, PA

Mike V.'s Testimonial - May 15, 2011

"Hi Susan,

It was my pleasure in referring you. I have only nice things to say about your service, you've always been so helpful.

Have a great week,


Mike :)"

Laval, Quebec

Tiffany R.'s Testimonial - Mar 20, 2011

"Thanks soo much though for your help and support! I love the fact your company cares about people. I will def. be using you guys in the future!!! Thanks again!"  

Tifffany R.
Wellston, Ohio

John-Paul R.'s Testimonial - Mar 9, 2011

"Wow, thank you.   That's the type of customer service you don't find anymore."  

John-Paul R.
Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Lilie A.'s Testimonial - Mar 8, 2011

"It's sure nice to find a company that not only makes a good product but has excellent, thoughtful customer service.  You are definitely on my bookmark and I thank you, again."  

Lilie A.
Three Forks, Montana 

Sean S.'s Testimonial - Mar 5, 2011

"Please accept my thanks again.... I'm sure I'll be shopping on your site in the future based on your great customer service.   Have a great weekend!"

Sean S.
Victoria, BC

Regina G.'s Testimonial - Feb 14, 2011

"Thank you for your outstanding, great customer service. I certainly will encourage others to use your business for Judo gi's.


Reggie G."
Valrico, FL

Jennifer B.'s Testimonial - Feb 7, 2011

"Just a quick update...We received our Kama's and they are amazing... So much
nicer than I expected them to be.  Thank you so very much for your quick
responses and customer service.  In the future if I have any karate needs, I
will go nowhere else.

Your company has shown me that there is such a thing as customer service (with it's true definition).  I have missed that over the past several years.  It has been a pleasure. 

Have a great day."

Jennifer B.
Oceanside, CA.

Melissa G.'s Testimonial - Feb 1, 2011

"Thanks again, awesome customer service!"

Melissa G.
Cypress, TX

Travis M.'s Testimonial - Jan 24, 2011

"Thank you so much for you great customer service. I will be re-ordering other gear soon!!"
Travis M.
Santa Barbara, CA

Vivian T.'s Testimonial - Sept 23 & 29, 2010

"Thank you so much for the phone call. I just placed my order and I cannot thank you enough for your assistance which far exceeded my expectations. I trust your customer service is indicative of your products; we will certainly pass around your info in our karate schools.

Have a most blessed day.

And after receiving her order:

"...the hakama is PERFECT-----outstanding quality and per your suggestion, it was the perfect size. I also need to thank you for the 10% off coupon. It will be redeemed shortly!

Many blessing to you and yours,

Vivian T.
Moore, SC 

Leesa M.'s Testimonial - Sept 13, 2010

"You're the best!!! Thank you for the AMAZING customer service!!!"

Leesa M.
Manhattan Beach, CA 

Jim D.'s Testimonial - January 27, 2010

"I wanted to drop you a line to thank you so very much for all your
efforts and the extraordinary customer service you provided in
processing my order.
You truly went above and beyond in resolving the addressing typing
error I made.
The mistake was entirely mine and was of no fault of
Uniformsformartialarts.com, yet you personally figured out the
problem, tracked down the package and made sure it was delivered to my
Grandson in time for his birthday (even though it costs you a fee to
UPS to research the problem).
Now that's High Quality Customer Service!!
You truly provide the best Customer Service I have ever experienced, bar none!
Forget Amazon.com and all the others...from now on ANY AND ALL my
Martial Arts needs will be handled through your company and nowhere
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your company and I
cannot thank you or recommend you highly enough.
Thanks again for everything.
Phoenixville, PA

Douglas P.'s Testimonial - Dec 3, 2009

"Your great service has just prompted me to pass your name along to one of my friends. He conducts defensive training classes around the country and uses training aides such as I purchased. I'm sure you'll be hearing from him and his students in the future. Word of mouth from satisified customers is the best way to land new customers and your company deserves to be made known to my friends.

I do appreciate your fast response and professional  service. It is refreshing. THANKS !!"

Doug P.
Oviedo, FL.

Alex C.'s Testimonial - Oct 7, 2009

"Thank you very much. Your company indeed provided the best service I ever had..... I shall introduce your company to other kids' Moms.....
Arcadia, CA

Anita M.'s Testimonial - Aug 22, 2009

"My T'ai Chi (uniforms) arrived safely today. They are beautiful and far surpass anything available in the UK. i might be back at a later date for the Shaolin outfit...

Many thanks again.

Anita M."
Staffordshire, England

Eric D.'s Testimonial - Aug 18, 2009

"I appreciate the heads-up.  Great customer service.  You will get my business again.

Take care,
Sinton, TX

Jonathan R.'s Testimonial - June 26, 2009

"Hi guys,

 I just want to say thank you for this wonderful Gi, and especially Susan for being very friendly and helpful.  I'm not new to martial arts (brown belt in Karate, red belt in Judo), and recently started in Jiu Jitsu to further my skills, so I know what a good Gi looks and feels like.  This Gi was better than I expected and for a better price than my dojo can offer (who make no profit from ordering uniforms).  My dojo tried to order my Gi from their supplier, but they were out of my size and had it on backorder; so I decided to look around for some thing comparable.  Considering the quality and price I know where to look now in the future if I need another Gi.  Thanks again, and have a happy 4th of July!

Jonathan R.
San Antonio, TX"

Ryan M.'s Testimonial - June 8-9, 2009

"Thank you very much, I love the website, and will definitely be a return customer the next time I need something...

I just got my uniform and belt today right on time and absolutely love it.  I really love the selection your website offers and the prices are so much better then other places I've looked at.  I'm not new to the martial arts world, I've been practicing since 1994 and train on a daily basis.  Take care."

Ryan M.
Hudson, OH

Laura H.'s Testimonial - April 28, 2009

" I have been teaching and studying all over the world for about 16 years, have used a lot of different uniform companies. Not only does your site have a huge selection, necessary for cross over martial artists and schools like mine, the customer service is FANTASTIC. Shipping is fast and traditional uniforms aren't even available through many companies anymore. I LOVE THIS SITE and will continue to use it for as long as my career lasts. Thank you."

Laura H.
Two Harbors, MN

Seth D.'s Testimonial - April 3, 2009

"Thank you for your rapid response. I have resubmitted my order, and received a confimation. I appreciate your time, and the 15% Spring Sale. I look forward to doing business with Uniformsformartialarts.com in the future.. Thank you!"

Seth D.
Brunswick, GA

David P.'s Testimonial - Jan 11, 2009

" To whom it may concern,
    Over the holidays of 2008 I ordered a judo/jiu jitsu gi for a great price online from UniformsforMartialArts.com.   The website was very clear that all orders would not be shipped until Jan. 5, 2009 due to the holidays.  I continued with the my purchase and waited with enthusiasm until the time came when it should be delivered.  I figured that the gi would arrive on Wed. Jan. 7th or a couple of days after.  As it turned out, Wed. came, no gi.  Thur. came, no gi.  Fri. & Sat. came, and still no gi.  Finally and Sat. evening I tracked the shippment on the UPS website and discovered that it had been delivered on Thur. Jan. 8th at 2:55 P.M. and was left at my front door.  Since I had been home all day on Thur. I thought it was weird that I didn't find my package waiting for me at my door.  I called UniformsforMartialArts.com and left a message requesting that they call me back and then I called UPS and they said they couldn't do anything about it until Mon. and to call the company that shipped it.  Within a half an hour of making those calls a lady by the name of Susan called me back.  I told her what the situation was and she assured me that come Mon. she was gonna get to the bottom of the situation and that I was either gonna get my money back in full or she was gonna send me a replacement gi.  I told her I still wanted the gi.  The next day my wife and I were on our way home and she noticed a house on our street with the numbers 5659.  Since the number on our house is 5695 she suggested that I knock on the neighbor's door and see if UPS delivered my gi to the wrong house.  To my surprise the package was there.  UPS had delivered it down the street.  A lot of times companies do not take responsibility for lost shipments after they've been sent out.  I have had a few experiences where I have had to take a loss on a lost item due a shipping error whether it was the company that sold me the item or the shipping company itself.  This was not the case with UniformsforMartialArts.com.  Susan was determined to find out what happened to my gi and if she couldn't then she was going to send me another one or give me my money back.  Thankfully, the problem was solved but the level of satisfaction due to Susan's customer service was absolutely second to none.  Not only was I completely assured that I was going to be taken care of as a customer, the gi was just as good if not better than a lot of name brands on the market and for less than half the price.  I will definitely continue to buy from UniformsforMartialArts.com and recommend them to anyone who is looking for martial arts uniforms. 
Thankfully & Sincerely,
David P."
San Jose, CA.

Donna M.'s Testimonial - Dec 12, 2008

"Thank you. I enjoyed shopping your site. It was easy to navigate and I found exactly what I was looking for. Tracking my order from your site will make things even easier. I will shop this site again in the future.  My son will be very pleased Christmas morning.

Stroud, OK

Bettie P.'s Testimonial - Oct 23, 2008

"Good Morning, I have received my uniform! it is fantastic. Thank you so much for your great service...

Palm Harbor, FL.

Susan S.'s Testimonial - Sept 11, 2008


Just wanted to say thanks...the uniform came today just in time for class tomorrow....I am truly impressed by your considerate actions.....I will definitely recommend you to others as a merchant with the highest integrity and customer service.

Best regards,
San Jose, CA

Tara N.'s Testimonial - Aug 18, 2008

"...Uniforms for Martial Arts is obviously the leader in all needs relating to the martial arts world.  I cannot wait to order from you all again!  Thank you again for all of your help.
Most sincerely,
Tara N..."
New York, NY

James O.'s Testimonial - July 17, 2008

"Thanks!  Wow, what a fast response!  I wish other online stores did as well as you do....

Thanks for such wonderful service.


James O."
Age 38
Macon, GA

Gary B.'s Testimonial - May 22-23, 2008

"... I have to tell you, that the uniform arrived today. I was very surprised, and happy to see it. My daughter was overjoyed to have her new uniform for her class tonight, since I had told her it was unlikely to arrive in time... In addition, I have to tell you that your company was not the first that I was going to use. I was set to use another company, but after putting the uniform in my online cart, I was denied purchase ability due to not meeting the minimum $25 order (shipping was not free so I was unsure why there would be a minimum)... I had a very difficult time finding a children's size 0000. The company I mentioned was the only one to have it on the first search screen. I did another search after the denial, and... I found your company, and was pleasantly surprised to find the size, and see that it was less expensive than the other company... Anyway, the uniform quality seems excellent to me, and we were very happy to see a belt that was appropriately sized for the uniform. We see other children with huge belts for their uniform size, that look funny, and uncomfortable.

Thank you to your company for the fast service,

Gary F. B..."
Age 41
Macomb, MI 


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